Honoring Inspiration surrendered to Divine Will

Spirited Awakening

The Mirror

I’m standing before the mirror feeling rather confronted by the ‘me’ standing before it. I look at her, observing this strange creature and looking deep inside her. She’s peering back at me, scrutinizing, searching for herself. Who are you, I ask? Here, it’s just you and me, you know.

I’m me, she says, and I would so love you to be SEEING…me. To reaaaally see me, to see me with your heart. I want you to see my beauty. I want you to see my spark and I want you to see my spirit and my love, and, I especially I want you to love you!

But How do I see beyond my aging face? Beyond the wrinkles and the weariness? The discouragements and the disappointments? How do I stop censoring myself and censoring life and people? How do I love the unlovable and above all how do I love myself despite everything?

You’re not static my dear. You’re BEING, not just an image frozen in time and space tricked by your mind made up of ideas. You’re not just all you know. Love lives in your eyes. I can see the love. I can see the loving intentions entrusting fear to the abyss of illusions because you cannot ever be anything other than love. What else could you possibly desire?

It’s true, I have seen beyond the ideas, the brokenhearted thoughts and I know I’m so much more. I love to love because it feels like home. I’m love. Indeed what else could I be? My pain is as real as it is an experience filtered through my ideas. I know I will always remain love and now I see the love and light I am illuminating my path. I know I am loved and I love myself as I imagine the angels above and God loves me because there’s nothing else but love.




We all have a peaceful and sacred space within, like our own personal beautiful garden we can relax within, that is our innermost sanctuary. It is a space beyond thoughts, beyond beliefs, beyond opinions, beyond convictions and beyond worries. A space that isn't framed within the confines of the known and is as infinite as the universe itself. That space is being now. We can become it when we feel into it, breathe into it and then after a little while an inner smile lightens our entire being.   
Can you feel into this space while observing simply being conscious in this moment? With our eyes closed we inspire deeply for as long as it takes for that space to activate within. Keeping the attention focussed in the third eye whilst feeling our heart we observe simply being conscious. Now imagine this consciousness is able to manifest entire galaxies if it weren't for all the limiting beliefs.  We let go of all our concerns, everything that keeps us busy thinking, framed within the known, boxed in, made small by Earthly standards and feeling the love in the heart. Do this until the frequency of the body goes up and a heightened state of awareness takes over. You won't look like the drawing pretending to be yourself. You will look like the Buddha with a peaceful smile gracing your face. 

When we are present and anchored in the heart, the energy of higher love is activated. We become a space without boundaries or limitations that transcends thinking. Worrying about the future is not only contracting, it is also very limiting as opposed to presence that allows for inspiration and intuition to rise from within this spaciousness. 

We are consciousness.

Imagine the mind like a computer. All our beliefs, our identity, everything we know, everything we think we known or should know, all our convictions, all our worries, everything from the first letter of the alphabet to the last is programmed after it was first learned. If it was unprogrammed or uploaded with information, it would be just consciousness. Awareness without fears, opinions or judgments remains present. It is unmovable and at peace. Being conscious is possibly the most for granted taken experience of all. Imagine not existing! It is impossible because everything is LIFE and life is energy. For you to cease to exist you'd have to somehow extricate yourself from life but that goes against what quantum physicists have been able to demonstrate: that beneath all phenomena all is conscious wave energy. All is conscious! Even empty space is conscious. The entire cosmos is one consciousness dressed up in parts. The birth of a new soul marks our individuality but that doesn't mean that we weren't consciousness before. It just means that after being birthed, you wake up to the realization of I AM That I AM!

Life is about experiences. In order to experience good there has to be bad. You can only have bad when you have a matrix in which you can forget  you are Prime Creator and to cut a very long story short, that is what this dimension is about. A dimension in which various forces have been allowed to operate so we may experience all of life's possible dualities or experiences. These forces upload our mind with information or frequencies that generate either love or fear. Our task however is to achieve mastery over fear to consciously manifest what we desire. When you reach this stage you realize the importance of surrendering your will to divine will for the greatest good of all because we are One and your greatest desire becomes your divine mission. Each time we master a level, life presents more challenges that boot us out of our safe zone so we can ascend to even greater dimensions of unity consciousness. The wondrous aspect of this is that it is unending and never stops to get better, more ecstatic. 

At the moment the greatest majority on Earth is ungrounded and identifying with the duality.  To use a metaphor you could say it is infected with a Trojan virus that is generational and spreads like nuclear radiation, invisible yet so very deadly.  I mean, why do we even grow old and die since we are creators ? The reason is of course because we are caught in belief systems that are convincing. We do indeed manifest whatever we believe in. 

I was fortunate to be able to extricate myself from group consciousnes. Many years ago I lived in the desert, totally isolated from the outside world, with my husband and four children. We had no TV or radio and very limited internet.  The first year I wasn't happy to say the least, having lost all my distractions; my friends, social life, shops....I was literally stripped from everything, all the entertainment, the toys, the distractions  The experience was painful but as result I started to see life for what it really is, a life not dressed up in culture and smothered by distractions. Being able to contemplate pristine nature, is a little like taking the clothes off to see the naked body hiding underneath. I realized that nature's perfection reminds us who we really are. Nature just IS and in order to find balance within, we need to live in balance with nature. Life is symbiotic. We are all ONE.

Living isolated from the outside world also had a distinct effect on the children. For a long time they had little reason to fear because of the living condititons. Stranger danger did not exist and neither were there shops around. We never had the worries other parents have, until we entered the 'civilised' world. Then it was as if all hell had broken loose and it hit us like a brick on the head. If before we had been sheltered by an environment in which the kids could play and explore in total freedom, now we were suddenly in a world of fences, closed doors, junk food and stressed people. This was in stark contrast with the energy from nature that is just presence, imparts peace and recalibrates our inner frequency. So I was very fortunate to experience this and gain a whole new perspective on life.  On the other hand the civilised world is infected with this Trojan virus so endemic, no one even realises it is not a natural state of being.

So what is this virus killing us slowly and causing so much fear?

The virus is psychological fear and its offspring; lack of inspiration. Psychological fear is a prolonged and debiltating fear that takes us out of the present moment and into our head. Whilst fretting and worrying about something that might happen or is about to happen one experiences a loss of body awareness. The first time I was told I wasn't in my body, I didn't quite understand what it meant because I thought I was pretty much there. Unlike those who had out of body experiences, I never experienced one.  I didn't understand that there are different levels of presence in the body. When we daydream we are indeed somewhere else. It is really important to realize that our inner universe and our outer universe are a perfect match. Look around you, your circumstances are you, down to every last little detail. The circumstances that we attract, the people in our life, everything is us. Bad circumstances are often an opportunity to see something that was unacknowledged before; something caused by unconscious feelings impulsing ego agendas, defensiveness, lies and hiding true feelings. Unless we are cleared from those templates with the help of a healer, the unconscious will continue to reveal itself through life's circumstances in order to be seen, experienced and then cleared.  

Another reason why people aren't present is because we have been told to follow our head and in doing so have lost touch with what our heart wants. When we follow reason we feel bored and when we feel bored we want to escape reality and being holy present in the body. Losing touch with the body causes shallow breathing or even freezes the breath. Inspiration means to be inspired and to inspire means to breathe. The breathing is key in accessing higher divine knowledge. Of course the inspired breath is not the stressed and shallow breathing. To activate inspiration you need to enter completely in the body and breathe deeply all the way, into every cell and the DNA with intend to charge up on love and light. Light carries divine information while breath is Life. Breath is Being. Breath is Tao. Without breath there is no Life. As God drew in the first breath after the first thought, the I AM realization creation exploded into being. We are essentially creative beings and are happiest when we create. Yet in order to be feel truly excited and alive one has to be and feel inspired. To be inspired is to be original. Inspiration is divine passion and passion is a state of being arising from being anchored in the NOW in heart centered consciousness and allowing feeling to speak to us. Remember energy flows where intention goes and thinking about it, knowing about it without actually doing is means to continue clearing the unconsious on the stage of life. I'm merely offering the inspired option. 

So even if you have to do this a hundred times a day.....ask yourself; what other moment exists than NOW? Every thought and every feeling manifests.  What would happen if I am 100% happy in the now moment? What would happen if I am 100% worry free in the now moment? What would happen if I am able to let go of every concern in the now moment?

This perfectly happy and worry-free moment now would be recreated in exactly the same perfectly happy and worry-free moment now in the next....from moment into moment.....therefore I let go of all my worries and surrender. One can spend many years seeking happiness but will only find it walking the original path inspired from within. And btw....everyone sooner or later gets bored feeling the same old feelings of insecurity and abandonment. Like a scratched record...one day you won't be able to stand the noise anymore....so don't worry....



Surrender goes hand in hand with inspiration because in order to inspire deeply, one has to let go of all, worries, stress and concerns in order to be all now.  Many people have the idea that surrendering the will to divine will somehow inhibits self-determination but nothing could be further from the truth. Surrender is about allowing ourselves to be loved more unconditionally. The nature of the Divine is unconditional love. It is so important to know that. It has nothing to do with the conditional 3D human love. As a result we feel we are never good enough so whatever we think is best for us, is always going to be second rate. For example feelings of abandonment or rejection will see us choosing for something safe and safe means boring. If nothing ever worked out for you, and life feels dull, lonely and washed out then chances are you haven’t surrendered your heart.  Of course you can never make a mistake in life as they awaken us to greater truths. This was pretty clear when I was made to live in the desert.

As I explained in previous paragragh,  I absolutely did not want to be there and was quite upset. Yet despite the fact I felt totally lost, the environment I was immersed in was impossible to ignore; pristine nature's presence is truly mind shattering. It was also then that I realized the Divine Blueprint of life is a symbiosis that reflects an inherent Oneness.  I sensed and saw the deep connection between the minerals, the plants and the animals as well as a grief so strong it was almost palpable because of the humans missing in action. Being part of a chain of consciousness, the human has a place in this symbiotic relationship. Back in the days when Aborigines were still hunters and gatherers, rather than imposing their will, they were initiated into the art of Oneness and communicating with beloved Mother Nature. Essentially initations are about learning to surrender personal will to divine will and in return the gift of sacred knowing is bestowed. You cannot communicate in spirit with the mind. It happens with the heart; with inspiration. Mother Nature is a living being. She’s also a WHOLE system that depends on the parts to stay in balance. Once upon a time we all lived in harmony with Nature, before sacred ceremony made way for board meetings as mankind gradually lost its connection with Self and with Mother Nature. That is one way to consider the importance of surrender your will to divine will. On a more personal level, surrendering our will to Divine Will assures the best possible outcome as we might not be aware of timely factors, unconscious motives or hidden potholes.  God’s radar is the WHOLE. Ours is limited to a perception that isn't aware of the other actors' availability to bring our manifestation to light. 

Surrendering is also called the path of least resistance  once the right action and motive has been determined with the assistance of Divine Will. It's quite obvious that when you will feel so passionate about what you are doing, it doesn't feel like a job anymore. When there isn't any resistance within, all the doors open and the whole experience feels as if a red carpet is rolled out. From one moment into the next you will feel what to do. It's just so much fun, very straightforward and nothing to worry about. It is time we drop all our beliefs of hardship. They are false and they hurt our children because contrary to ego agendas, Divine Will  has our best interest at heart.  Therefore the unfolding of the best possible outcome will happen in joyful and manageable stages. And if that wasn’t a reason enough to surrender every morning upon waking, knowing that whatever happens is divinely ordained makes it so much easier to remain confident and in acceptance, even if the outcome isn’t clear yet.  

For a full explanation on surrender, this video of Matt Kahn is the fabulous.




Until recently whenever negativity was taking over, usually over feelings of worthlesness and abandonment, I felt anything but blessed. The instinctive reaction is to start judging others and ourselves although that's always more subtle.

However one day I fell upon another teaching from Matt Kahn that really helped me. Matt explains that you whenever you struggle with negative vibrations from people, unsavoury behaviour or injustices you send blessings. Blessings are like alchemy, They transmute all shadows into light and raise the frequency. It's also great to know you can do something positive. It's tremendously empowering.   I also bless whatever I eat in order to enhance the frequency. It's just a nice thing to do to be grateful. 

Blessing is so simple. It only takes a moment of silence, feeling the heart and from that place of pure intention to bless. Blessing is what enables mastery. Blessing is the highest divine action possible. Every thought holds potency and can either be harmful or loving. Blessing is the highest possible divine love bestowed upon the blessed. 

Tippi is a truly blessed child. She knows no fear and is pure innocence. In her presence wild animals feel safe. It's all tied together. Love and grace are the essence distilled from living the inspired, surrendered and blessed path. 

That child was born feeling blessed and as you can see it is quite magical. Most of us didn't have that luxury and have to 'get it'. Thinking you are blessed and feeling blessed are two entirely different things as my dear friend Gaby told me during a healing. Feeling blessed is a vibration. Feel blessed because you are.