Integrated healing 
Turning Kinesiology into Kin-'easy'-ology



Kinesiology is an approach to complementary health that uses ‘Muscle Testing’ to give bio-feedback and to identify areas of stress (emotional or physical), imbalance or dysfunction in the body’s energy systems.

Kinesiology brings together healing modalities from the East and the West by combining Chinese Meridian therapy, Acupuncture and energy balancing with muscle testing, anatomy, physiology and psychology used in the west. Kinesiology is a non-invasive, truly holistic therapy, addressing the client’s being as a whole to deal with physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual and energetic problems.

Benefits of Kinesiology

One of the main benefits of kinesiology is that you don’t have to relive the trauma, nor even talk about it if you don’t want to. Integrated Healing is one of the most advanced forms of kinesiology currently available, combining kinesiology, life coaching and NLP to create a powerful and effective approach to healing.

Using this combination, the Kinesiologist restores balance in the client’s body by eliminating energetic and psychological blockages, whilst honouring the wisdom of the client’s own body and restoring its natural healing ability.

Using Integrated Healing, we have successfully addressed a wide range of issues such as:


Physical Issues

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Clearing Negative Consequences of Injury
• Fertility Issues
• Food Sensitivities
• Hip Rotation
• Pain
• Sexual Issues
• Spine/Back Alignment
• Sports Injuries
• Thyroid Balance
• Women’s Health including PMT and Polycystic Ovaries

Mental and Emotional Issues
• ADHD and Learning Difficulties
• Brain Integration
• Emotional Trauma
• Healing the Inner Child
• Lack of Self-Confidence
• Phobias and Anxiety
• Psychological Issues
• Reclaiming Personal Power
• Self-Sabotage and Self-Limiting Beliefs
• Stress
• Survival Programs

Spiritual Issues
• Clearing Invasive Energies
• Clearing Spiritual Blockages
• Soul Integration

Here is a complete list of the issues we can address.

About the founders Mathilda Van Dyk and Nic Oliver

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system that combines the best modern Psychology,  NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine and many other modalities, with its own unique methodologies, to give you a profound yet simple approach to healing.

After 20 years of researching holistic healing, attending over 100 courses and consulting with experienced healers, the founders Mathilda Van Dyk and Nic Oliver wanted to focus on the issues that most healing modalities don’t address, find challenging or have limited success with.

Their passion lies in finding the emotional and/or spiritual reasons that are behind so many physical dysfunctions and unfulfilled, unhappy lives.

They wanted to focus on the issues that many healing modalities struggle with such as Self-Sabotage Programmes, Survival Programs, Inner Child Healing, Soul Integration, Deep Level Neurological Switching, Clearing the impact of Negative Amygdala Memories, Energetic Cords and many others.

Frustrated with the limitations of talk therapies, they started to develop a truly revolutionary holographic approach to healing that offers deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, spiritual, mental, neurological and physical dysfunctions.

Finally, after 20 years of holistic healing research, Integrated Healing was launched in 2006 and in the same year, went international and in 2008 Integrated Healing became one of only a few UK  kinesiologies to have received the Australian Kinesiology Association’s prestigious accreditation and has also been fully accredited by AIK, DGAK, IICT, IPTI and various other organisations.