Inspired cooking For a Happy ever After

Simplicity is divinity and cooking for health is no exception. 

Cooking and nutrition is a subject that interests me, not only because of I love good food, but also because I have a very sensitive digestion. I'm also mainly vegetarian. I feel all animals have emotions just like we do and should to be treated fairly.

Another reason why I’m passionate about nutrition is because many years ago I struggled with an eating disorder. This pushed me to learn more about life, who we are and how to be free from addictions. I discovered Ayurveda, frequencies of food/water and the healing properties of spices and herbs. I find nutrition really fascinating and wrote a book about all my discoveries but then I realized that it is all very clever, but unless I eat mindfully and don’t snack in between, it's all useless because our health depends solely on a strong digestion and snacking just kills it…unfortunately…

As a rule I don't like complicated diets telling me what I can or cannot eat. Not only is it very confusing because they all seem to contradict eachother, I also like to feel inspired. Luckily when our body needs some kind of nutrient, it will generally perceived as a healthy craving. Unfortunately, we don't always follow those cravings because we are in need of comfort and comfort foods are rarely healthy. (unless you learn to make my chocolat)

Now even if you were to eat healthy food every day for the rest of your life, you could still get sick because the number one instigator of perfect health is happiness and love.  When you are happy and you feel loved, you breathe deeper, feel blessed and you savour your food as you savour life. Then of course you have proper chewing which is also mega important and regular exercise to eliminate stagnant energies.  

In short here are the major factors contributing to a radiant and vibrant body.

1.  Frequency of the food
2. Feeling inspired
3. Heart centered consciousness
4. Blessing what you eat and drink  
5. Chewing
6. Eating kitchari regularly
7. Exercise

1. Frequency of the food

 For a diet to extend life the food should radiate life energy, also known as Chi by the Chinese,  Prana by the Indians or Ra by the ancient Egyptians. Today these concepts are more readily understood and accepted in the Western world thanks to Quantum Physicists who established that everything is made up of vibrations pulsing at a measurable speed. Russian scientists Franz Bludorf and Grazyna Fosar were also able to provide evidence of the human DNA being like a 'biological internet' that is influenced and programmed by words and frequencies.  Reality is shaped by our emotions and thoughts as they structure the entire fabric of life at the molecular level. That is because emotions and thoughts emit a certain frequency that create structural patterns. The human energetic body requires intelligent regulation of these electromagnetic vibrations for optimal health and the unit scientists use to measure these vibrations is angstrom. 

The basic electromagnetic vibration of a healthy person measures around 6500 angstrom and in order to stay healthy and vital only the foods that areof the same frequency or higher should be eaten. Cancer patients emit a frequency of 4875 angstrom. Microbes, bacteria and various fungi also read well below 6500 angstrom. This explains why the gates of our immunity are broken down when someone’s frequency levels with that of microbes, bacteria and fungi. Have you noticed that diseases always pop up after a stressful period, feeling down and tired? The most effective method for staying healthy and feeling energized is therefore leading balanced lives, feeling loved and supported and eating foods or drinking liquids that are high in frequency. It is that simple!

High frequency is basically intelligent life. Dead is low frequency. Therefore eating life foods that come straight out of a happy soil where they grew with a variety of companions is the absolute best. Canned food, processed foods, preserved foods, alcohol, soft drinks, white sugar, coffee, meat, fish, eggs older than a day, pasteurized milk,  junk food, fastfood cooked and prepared without care or respect for the environment are all low in frequency if not completely dead. 

 “The law of sympathy is one of the most basic parts of magic. It states that the more similar two objects are, the greater the sympathetic link. The greater the link, the more easily they influence each other.” 
                                                           Patrick Rothfuss                                                                                                                       


2. Inspiration

The second aspect of good health and nutrition is INSPIRATION. Inspiration as the word suggests has everything to do with breath. Breath is the entry point of divine inspiration into the sacred heart as one remains present. Not only is the great cook an inspired one, to feel inspired also raises our frequency. Nothing is more numbing than having to repeat or copy other people's ideas.

In today's world most children are discouraged from doing what they really love or being who they want to be. Instead they are told to be reasonable. They are advised to  stay in a secure job that will pay the house off and save money and the real passions, what fires up the heart are sidelined due to time constraints and "the box".   In other words due to the prevailing beliefsystems shaping our lives,  we are reduced from being ourselves to being a workforce and told to put our life on hold until retirement. Unfortunately by then, due to lifelong stress our body/being serving as the workforce is sick, tired and depleted of lifeforce.

This is the reason why if you want to feel truly alive and joyful with lots of creative ideas, love and trust in the heart,  it is helpful to start doing with inspires you. 

Inspired Cooking

1. Inspiration or intuition makes all the difference between an ordinary cook and an extraordinary one. When you cook with presence, you are going to receive hints that come from within, letting you know exactly what is missing such as what spice to add. This is important because a dish needs to have all 5 tastes; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. If one taste is out of balance or missing, the dish is inferior and will not digest well. Inspiration will also let you know exactly when something is cooked.  
2. Inspiration tells us what our body needs which translates into healthy cravings and a desire to eat certain spices. Spices are powerhouses of energy that have a certain taste and quality.  As I mentioned before,  for a meal to be satisfying,  it needs to include all 5 tastes; sweet, sour, salty, astringent, bitter and pungent. Spices are used to get the balance of taste right and the inspiration will tell you exactly how to achieve this balance. 
3. Inspiration wakes up our energetic body. When we feel inspired we feel alive which means our body's vibration goes up. Inspiration is also necessary to cook delicious food that awakens our palate and is satifying. 

3. Heart Centered Consciousness

You might ask yourself what does heart centered consciousness have to do with cooking? Well everything because as I have explained everything is conscious and responds to emotions. The more activated your feel in your heart while cooking the more the food responds. In Ayurveda it is quite recognized that the consciousness of the cook affects the quality of the food. Masuru Emoto has also shown with photographs taken from water crystals how they respond to particular emotions. When you consider the amount of water present in the food and in the body then you realize how important positive emotions are.

So what exactly is heart centered consciousness?
When the mind is in service of the heart  the high mind or inspired thinking is activated. An intended focus on the heart is essential as well as surrendering the will to divine will in order to sidestep the unconscious ego agendas. In a quest to understand life and what is happening in and around us, we analyze and mull over things. It is extremely tempting and difficult to stop worrying about the unknown. That is why meditation is so helpful because it gives us permission to surrender all our concerns and simply be now. When you are simply conscious  without thoughts, whilst feeling your heart and directing the attention into the third eye something amazing happens.  In full presence the heart fires up because then you ARE IT in the here and now. It is far from being boring. In fact I know of no drugs, no mental trip that gives you such an extraordinary feeling energy in the body. The more you meditate, the more this fire remains an ever present state of being.  You have to remember that energy flows where attention goes. Breathing diamond light into our heart will activate the energy and raise its vibration generating energy. This energy extends into the hands and literally pours out through the palms and the tip of the fingers as you prepare food. It's powerful stuff. Remember intend is everything. Intend and so it is! Don't intend and nothing happens. 

4. Blessing

If you want to turn an ordinary meal into a super meal, then bless! It is really essential to realize we are a nation of Magi! Whatever you imagine, whatever you intend, is instanteneously manifested. We are IT and so it is. There's no out there seperate from us. Blessing not only shows gratitude, it also enhances the frequency (especially necessary nowadays as we rarely get to eat produce fresh out of a happy soil) and beautifies the molecular structures. It is also great to bless the produce and feel thankful while cooking and before you start eating ,close the eyes briefly to feel gratitude in the heart for what you are about to eat. That includes all people who contributed to the production of the food, the food itself and even the elementals. The selfless service of the elemental realm is mostly completely overlooked in our material world. Without the elementals, life in 3D would simply not be impossible. They are part of the inherent dynamic of the creation, providing the matter, means and action to one's thoughts. Think of you as the architect  and the elementals as the builders. It is really helpful to realize how everything is conscious and to awaken to graciousness and gratefulness. Therefore bless, bless, bless.....


5. Chewing

From a purely physiological perspective if you eat while distracted it is likely you aren’t chewing properly and thus not mixing the food with sufficient saliva. Predigestion starts in the mouth with saliva. Saliva is 99.5% water. The other 0.5 % contains essential enzymes important for the breakdown of starches and fat.

Furthermore when we chew our temporal bones move up and down having a positive effect on the hypothalamus. This strengthens the endocrine system regulating metabolism, growth, development, sexual and reproductive functions, sleep and mood.It is recommended to chew each mouthful an average of 35 times....depending on the consistency of the food.  It might seem arduous but the result is well worth the effort because if the food in not properly digested toxins build-up over time in the body. Telltale signs are a white mucous residue on the tongue, aches and pains all over the body but especially in the joints, arthritis as well as waking up tired and foggy, suffering from mental confusion, flus and colds, allergies, cancers, tumours and last but not least the embarrassing morning breath.
In ayurveda has even dedicated an entire school of yoga around the art of eating called upayoga samstha.

6. Kitchari

Kitchari; The Alchemist Cook’s Magick

Simplicity mirrors divinity and this is none more relevant than with this simple dish. Kitchari is a popular ayurvedic recipe consisting of equal amounts of mung beans and basmati rice cooked together to which a variety of spices and vegetables may be added. Its consistency is determined by how much liquid is added. It took me a while before I was sold out to kitchari but now I can hardly imagine my life without its healing benefits. Not only is Kitchari soothing and calming for both mind and body it is also extremely quick to prepare and very cheap (which I must admit was what convinced me in the first place to try it out). Nevertheless after some time I noticed a remarkable reduction of mind activity and an extraordinary light body. It is an ancient ayurvedic practice to use it for detoxification and a great alternative if fasting on liquid isn’t suitable. According to Vasant Lad, a prominent ayurvedic physician a five-day kitchari fast, using plain kitchari to which some chopped coriander leaves are added after cooking, will cleanse the system and help strengthen the memory. Because kitchari reduces mind activity, it is the food of choice of yogis.

Detox and cleanse kitchari

The word kitchari means ‘mess’  because of its porridge-like appearance. Kitchari is basically equal proportions of mung beans and basmati rice cooked together, the consistency of which is determined by how much liquid is added. Mung dhal and basmati are suitable for all body types and very digestible. Sometimes I substitute yellow split mung dal for red coral lentils if I can’t find the yellow ones and on occasion I have used barley instead of basmati. For clearing liver and arteries of toxins and cholesterol it would be the preferred option. You can also prepare the vegetables separately so they are really fresh and don’t overcook. For example pop a few slices of sweet potato or pumpkin coated with olive oil, salt and pepper in the oven and you have delicious vegetables to accompany your kitchari.

Kitchari is never cooked with onion and garlic and is cooling, light, suits all body types, pacifying, soothing and calming.  The onion and garlic type flavour can be obtained with asafoetida. 

I recommend you get a mortar and pestle to ground the spices. begin with these basic utensils and ingredients.

·         A large cooking pot,  a medium size pot, wooden spoons, board, sharp knifes

·         Best quality Basmati rice, split mung dhal organic if possible

·         Ghee (best home made with organic butter), olive oil

·         Organic veggie cubes

·         Spices; black pepper, fennel seed, cumin seed, coriander seeds, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves whole, cardamom pods, laurel leaves, good salt

·         Vegetables is season

·         Fresh herbs such as coriander, mint or basil