Tantra; the art of love and total self-acceptance.... To love another unconditionally you are to be that love totally here and now in a surrendered state. Tantra is being holy present here and now in this body that I revere and respect. 


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My body is my universe filled with stars and galaxies.
I Am the guardian of that universe. 
I Am the God of my inner universe.
I Am the I Am a presence
I Am Life
I Am Consciousness
There’s nothing else.

Tantra is awareness of being. Tantra is total surrender to the sensations that arise in my body. Tantra is sharing. Tantra is expression and abandon. Tantra is letting go. Tantra is energy because we are energetic beings. Tantra is grounding that energy in the here and now. Tantra is total surrender to your lover in the moment. Tantra is letting go of all concerns. 

Tantra is breath

Tantra is knowing your breath and being the breath. God is breath. Breath is life and life is breath. Breath is the pulse of the universe. Breath is inspiraton awakening kundalini 

Kundalini is power of creation. 

I awaken my kundaline with dance. I Am lover of movement. I rise and reach the light above. I burst wide-open. I'm so grateful

Tantra is grace and being gracious. Love is who we are and sharing that love with a lover awakens and intertwines the kundalini. I am alive. I Am One. I Am now. I Am OM. 

I speak in tongues. My language is from the realm of serpent power. I need no words. I see and I know for I Am the universe. I Am the Mother. I Am the Father, I Am the Lover. I Am the Whore. I Am the Slave. I Am the Queen. I Am the King, I Am the God, I Am the Goddess. I Am the All and know no boundaries. I Am surrendered to Self. There’s only me and the reflection of myself. I Am