Thank You

If we were alone in the world, nothing would make sense. Everything only makes sense because of you. Because we are in it together and together we grow. Together we learn to shed the veils of forgetfulness and separation consciousness. Together we learn to love more fiercely and more unconditionally. Together we learn to drop our masks and accept ourselves more wholly as we are without pretense. We are all eachothers teachers in this sense. That is why we all need to say a big thank you to eachother and I say thank you to you!

I would also like to show my gratitude to some very special teachers and soulmates. 
Christine without whom this website would not exist. She's my friend, my confidente, my rock and simply the coolest person I know. She's also my partner in business and Technical Manager of Phonies
My children who are every mum's dream. They make my life rich and wonderful.
My sister who is my greatest supporter and a marketing virtuoso.
My mum who simply 'knows'... We all need one like that, even though we might not like what we hear.
My lovers past and present, always a source of great inspiration as my poems will no doubt confirm
Amora Quan Yin and Omakayuel, a very giften teacher from the Dolphin Star Temple thanks to whom I have attained a level of heart activation that sustains me throughout the turbulences . Omakayuel's meditations feel like a warm blanket wrapped around the soul. 
Mathilda Van Dyk another  amazing teacher and co-founder of Integrated Healing. The wonder of this healing modality is beyond comprehesion and words simply fall short.
Lee-Anne MacLeod and Susan Gay Leatham for bringing me down to Earth. Lee-Anne is possibly one of the more accomplished kinesiologists in the world as well as a seer and Susan is an angel with wings big enough to enfold the entire planet. 
Then there are the teachers on Youtube that I have not met in person yet have made a humongous difference in my life. 
-Matt Kahn, Eckhart Tolle, Suzanne Lie.
And last but not least, I want to thank the 'elementals' for working tiredlessly to uphold this realm where we are able to attain self-realization. I also thank the angels, the ascended masters, the emmisaires of the light, the ET's who are cleaning up our mess and doing their best to support our ascension, Mother Gaia, my Higher Self and of course our magnificent Light within. 

May we all be blessed and the light brighten our day,