Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories

The Amygdala is our biological centurion. When confronted with danger it sends a command to our body to fight or flee. The hippocampus records experiences as facts while the Amygdala assigns the emotional content to these experiences. Therefore it is mainly responsible for learned fear responses such as anger, avoidance, defensiveness, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and phobias.

The Amygdala starts forming immediately after the heart’s first beat. It stores all the memories of our life in the womb, the trauma of the birth process and also the joys and fears of our early years. After the age of three our hippocampus matures and we no longer have access to the memories of the first 3 years of our lives that are stored in the Amygdala.

What happens to the negative memories of the Amygdala? They become our individual nightmare, the invisible conditioning of all our actions, the blind spot of our lives, the unknown reason why we do what we do even when we do not know why we do it.

The Amygdala bypasses all of our intelligence and rational systems and acts, in our name, on its own. This gives the experience of “I” and “not-I” when addressing Sabotage and Survival Programs, when no matter how good our intentions are, there seems to be another “I” that takes over the control and stops us from achieving our Goals.

When we clear the negative impact of these Amygdala memories, we can dissolve our conditioning and delete these programs that we are not consciously running but that are running us.