Assemblage Point

We are very grateful to Dr Jon Whale for permitting us to share this very important concept with you. The huge significance of the Assemblage Point was researched by Dr Whale and is described in his book ‘The Catalyst of Power, The Assemblage Point of Man’.

The Assemblage Point (AP) is part of the Meta-Physical body. It is a vortex of high energy in the Electromagnetic Body that enters into the front at the Heart Chakra.

Detrimental shifts in this energy position either Up/Down or Left/Right caused by traumatic events in our lives, stress, or substance abuse, can have a catastrophic effect on the individual’s mind and body. Issues such as ME/CFS, depression, apathy, anxiety and panic attacks can all be the result of having an Assemblage Point that is not in its correct position.

Mary de Tute, one of the UK’s most prominent kinesiologists has done a huge amount of research and has had tremendous success clearing the symptoms of children with ADHD by working on their Assemblage Points.