Spine/ Back

Spinal/Back problems are common, due to poor posture which is in turn exacerbated by things like sitting hunched over a computer keyboard, carrying a bag on one shoulder, carrying a baby/child on one hip, clamping the telephone between shoulder and ear, compensating for a twisted pelvis or hips etc.

Most people know that the spine is made up of vertebra (the bones) and disks (the sponge type masses between the vertebra). In the East, Shiatsu practitioners view the spine as a central pathway with each vertebra corresponding to a different organ, gland or area of the body. The spine operates on much more than just the physical level; each vertebra corresponds to a chakra or other energetic body, so by working on the spine you may also release blocked energies in those areas.

Sometimes a single treatment on the spine or back can relieve years of discomfort.