Soul Integration

We all know people who, no matter what the change-work, never get healed, or their health improves for a while but then deteriorates again. They often wander from healer to healer, always searching for that ‘missing something’ but never finding it. Alternatively, they fill their lives with addictive behaviours, trying to fill the void, or to dull their constant awareness of feeling incomplete. Typical comments are ‘A part of me observes with my mind, but I don’t connect with the emotional feeling’ or ‘when he left it felt like he took a part of me with him’.

Just as the brain may suffer from integration problems, so can the soul. It does not mean that a part of the soul has wandered off. Rather, it means that communication between parts of the soul has become disrupted.

One of the main reasons why some people have limited success with therapy is because the ‘complete being’ is not receiving the change-work. In her book ‘Soul Retrieval’ Sandra Ingerman sums it up as follows:

“Psychotherapy only works on the parts that are ‘home’.”