Self- Empowerment

Whether or not we are the creators of our reality, one thing no one can argue is that we do create our experience of that reality by the choices we make from moment to moment.

Regardless of what is going on in our lives right now, we have two choices:  We can diminish the quality of our lives, to the extent that we may live inferior lives that make us feel that we have lost our personal power. Or we can enhance the quality of every experience, to give us lives of excellence and let us live the lives our souls intended.  This makes us feel fulfilled, in control and knowing that we have the power within us to handle any situation that might come our way.

This protocol is about guiding our clients to re-connect with their personal power, so that they can make choices from a place of inner strength, and live their true potential. When we act from a place of empowerment and worthiness, we focus on the positive and therefore we will love the life we’re in.