Cutting Negative Cords

We are all connected to other people on an energetic level via energetic cords. Negative Cords are ‘the ties that bind’ inappropriately.

Negative Cords are made when there is an emotional attachment with, to or from another person to meet our, or their, needs. Although the cord may appear to be a good idea, the link is often based on fear and/or self-limiting beliefs. As such they usually compromise our energy system in some way, so we need to remove these negative energetic cord(s).

One of the reasons negative cords cause problems is that they can be formed at any time during our existence, linking one body to another, one mind to another, one soul to another in any combination of body/mind/soul. Unfortunately, in most cases they are not dissolved with the passage of time; we have to deliberately sever them. Cutting these cords can free us to move on with our lives.