Self-Limiting Beliefs

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t; chances are you are right.”
Henry Ford

“If there was such a thing as ‘sin’, this would be it: to allow yourself to become what you are because of the experience of others. This is the ‘sin’ you have committed. You do not await your own experience, you accept the experience of others as gospel and then, when you encounter the actual experience for the first time, you overlay what you think you already know onto the encounter.”

“Know thyself.” These words were inscribed in the vestibule of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. For centuries, people seeking advice from the oracle at Delphi would view the inscription. Philosophers throughout the ages offered this same advice to their students. These words are as valuable today as they were almost three thousand years earlier.

Part of “knowing yourself” is understanding your beliefs. The difficulty is that most beliefs are unconscious. They have been accepted without ever having been critically examined. And yes, you could easily blame your parents, teachers, friends, TV, etc., as well as yourself. So many people do, but wherever it came from, it is not important. The really important thing is to be rid of it, so you can experience your ideal life.

The Law of Attraction states that you will attract to yourself those experiences that match your beliefs. These beliefs create your experience of reality. What if these beliefs are in opposition to what you’re actually trying to accomplish? What if they no longer serve you?

In his paper ‘A Dance of Suffering, Shame, and Self-abuse’ Robert Burney describes it like this: “I am feeling fat; I judge myself for being fat; I shame myself for being fat; I beat myself for being fat; then I am hurting so badly that I have to relieve some of the pain; so to nurture myself I eat a pizza; then I judge myself for eating the pizza, etc. etc. This is a functional cycle. The shame begets the self-abuse which begets the shame which serves the purpose of us not setting ourselves up to fail by believing that we are worthy and lovable.”

Wouldn’t it be useful to eliminate these limiting beliefs?

Remember, you are not your beliefs. You are a divine spiritual being, so why hold onto anything that is preventing you from realizing this truth? The aim of this procedure is to:

– Identify those unconscious beliefs and release them
– Change the client’s thought process
– Replace the negative beliefs with positive beliefs

Mystics call this Mental Alchemy, after the old alchemists that transformed lead into gold.




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