Atlas and Axis

99% of the population has an imbalance/misalignment between the Atlas and Axis. This may cause physical, meta-physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual imbalances.
An imbalance between the Atlas and Axis can cause the whole spine to distort. It can also cause distress to the cranials, sphenoid, jaw and muscles of the neck and shoulders, often resulting in neck pain, headaches and migraines.

Atlas/Axis imbalances may also cause restricted blood flow to the brain. The Vertebral Artery, which supplies almost half of the brain’s blood and about 90% of the blood for the cranial nerves, runs through the vertebrae. If the brain is not getting the blood supply that it needs, symptoms such as attention deficit problems and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may occur. Many body therapists believe that the whole body relaxes when the Atlas and Axis is balanced.

At a metaphysical level the Atlas and Axis relate to our inner true feelings such as fear, confusion, feeling ‘not good enough’, inner chatter, ego-centeredness and worry about what others will think of us as well as our flexibility and our spiritual vision and wisdom.

Asthe Atlas and Axis are involved in moving the head in the ‘no’ and ‘yes’ motion, we store a huge amount of emotional stress here about the incongruence ofsaying ‘yes’ when we should be saying ‘no’ or vice versa. So, correcting the Atlas and Axis has a profound effect on our being.