Physical Pain

Many people panic when faced with pain, or at the very least consider pain to be a bad thing.

In Integrated Healing, we consider pain to be a messenger, asking us not to do a particular activity until we sort out a related dysfunction.

It is our experience, and that of many people we speak with, that the site of the pain is frequently not at it’s source – for example, an unaligned spine may cause hip, knee or ankle pain (to name but 3 common areas.) Unfortunately, if you work on the hip, because that is where the pain is, relief will only be temporary at best, because what is being treated is a symptom, and not the root cause. In Integrated Healing we test the body to find the root cause of the pain and focus the healing wherever the client’s body tells us it needs it. It takes away the guesswork and any need for a prescriptive approach.