Neurological Switching


In early Applied Kinesiology the term ‘switching’ was used to describe a disorganisation of the neurological system that creates confusion. The reason for this confusion is normally electro-magnetic polarity reversal within the brain. Emotional and environmental stressors, such as electromagnetic radiation from computers and television, can also cause the disrupting of normal brain integration.

Deep Level Switching

This is a much more serious type of switching caused by experiences that are traumatic enough to permanently shut down part, or most of the communication across the corpus callosum, resulting in loss of functional integration of specific areas of the brain. It manifests as physiological and mental confusion with symptoms such as a lack of spatial awareness, confusion between right and left, struggling to be in ‘now-time’, being ‘all-in-the-head’ and cut off from feelings, as well as learning and memory problems, etc.

Although extremely important to correct and so often the reason why balances don’t hold, most kinesiologists stay away from Deep Level Switching because of the fact that the protocols presently available for clearing DLS are very long and complicated.

In Integrated Healing our approach to Switching is to Holographically reintegrate the brain and clear the stressors that are causing the ‘dis’-integration of the brain. By addressing the resulting dysfunctions in interaction caused between parts of the brain, such as the limbic system, Amygdala, hippocampus, the corpus callosum and anterior commissure (the two major neurological structures that connect the left and right hemispheres), we can restore optimal brain function.