Sabotage Progams

Some people profess that they want to heal yet don’t. At an unconscious level, they undermine their conscious mind’s intent, often feeling that they are the victims of an internal ‘tug-of-war’. An example is the client who wishes to lose weight but rewards each loss with a chocolate binge! They may be running what we call ‘Sabotage Programs.’

We all have Sabotage Programs and when our behaviour is based on one of these programs (that are themselves based on attitudes and beliefs that are false or distorted), we often feel that it is not ‘our self’ that is responsible for our sabotaging actions. Unfortunately for us, these programs were often originally intended by the unconscious to protect us at a time when it thought our survival was in jeopardy. Many years later, that same program is still running when not only is there is no longer any need for it, but it now hinders our development.

Remember, the processing capacities of the conscious mind is 2000 bits of information per second compared to the 4 billion bits per second of the unconscious. So, if the conscious mind desires a Goal that the unconscious disagrees with, guess which part of the mind usually wins?

Sabotage Programs can affect every Dimension of a person’s being, Structural, Nutritional, Emotional or Energetic. Sabotage Programs can also hold back Spiritual development, with information which may have been acquired in this life or have been inherited. The protocol that we teach on the course helps people to release the need to sabotage themselves.