Monoculture mind versus divine mind

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Just like strong plants need a healthy soil, so does a strong imagination require a healthy foundation. An imagination without a strong foundation is at risk of being prone to unhealthy tendencies rooted in fear. Not that there's anything to reject; it's just a question of what you choose to cultivate. Our world today is built upon ideals that mirror monoculture practices in need of specialists who develop labour intensive unsustainable methods that generate business to fertilizer and pesticide manufacturers. This approach is also compatible with some other beliefs; the more complex something is the more valuable it is and the harder you work for it the more deserving it is because life wasn’t meant to be easy. As a consequence, everyone, Mother Earth included, is feeling dis-eased, exhausted, disempowered and unbalanced as the within is out of touch with the without.

Monoculture mind is rooted in separation consciousness and stems from feeling abandoned by parents tending to their mono-cultured garden. This feeling of abandonment makes you lose faith and trust in life, in yourself and as a consequence you seek information outside yourself. It also generates a need to be seen and heard and what better place than a podium to tower above others. It is what sparks the love of competition, the need to be first, to be better, to be right, to be in control. To achieve this goal we acquire degrees, dress to kill, buy cool houses and fast cars, go after promotions, big bank accounts and everything else that puts us on a pedestal. Then you need a fortress to protect yourself from the ne’er do wells. 

The opposite of a monoculture mind is one that is rooted in divine inspiration. When we are truly anchored in our hearts totally here and now, trusting life, feeling nurtured, loved and at peace then we are totally relaxed and ready to be inspired. The divine can only communicate through inspiration as those are the ideas that jump to mind out of nowhere. When you feel truly inspired, you are totally here and now and time is not of the essence. The key to this life is having faith that all will be provided in good time because in order to plug into divine inspiration, one has to let go of all expectations and all thoughts. When you are attached to nothing, believing nothing, expecting nothing, totally unobstructed, pure feeling, no thoughts, no concerns, no plans, no preconceived knowing, you become a conduit for divine downloads of information. This information is felt. They are the sudden inspiration; the knowing without reason. Imagine being hollow like a bamboo that turns into a flute when the divine blows through a melody. Feel into your heart. Feel the information. Speak spontaneously without censorship and trust what comes up.

Faith is key. Enlightenment is having total faith in yourself and the divine to work through you to bring about the most fulfilling experience for yourself and the wellbeing of all. Only then can you maintain presence. Each lifetime our faith is tested when we lose significant attachments such as financial security, a status symbol, a relationship or finding yourself stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the dark without a map. Rebuilding life from the ashes or finding our way out of a virtual maze are the initiations we signed up for because we were ready.  It makes faith grow strong and consequently what makes the heart grow strong. Letting go of control or chasing after a pole position in life is the single biggest challenge. Likewise chasing lovers either pushes them away or attracts lesser options that propels us further on our healing journey towards self-realization.

But all this is not possible without surrendering our will to divine will.  Surrendering goes hand in hand with faith because the divine’s radar encompasses the whole and Its intention is love pure and simple. That same unconditional loving intention also ensures that we will receive more for doing less. If you contemplate pristine nature you’ll see incredible abundance that just thrives effortlessly without wasted energy. It’s not very hard to know how to follow the path of least effort because usually it is the next step you FEEL like taking. It’s sad that for many people, doing what they love and is fun is relegated to the sidelines.

This is for sure as uncomfortable for many because we have been taught that unless it is hard, it is worth less. That is how corporate funded governments manage to convince gods to work in the factories and pay taxes following orders, doing non creative work that is almost always harmful for Mother Earth. Add to the mix the living conditions that are becoming increasingly difficult and you get the picture of the sense of the pressure most are feeling and the urgency to get unto that podium.  

So recapitulate, faith is key because it allows for the divine solutions to enter your reality. Divine soul-utions gravitate towards the greater good of all, therefore is supportive because as One we need to integrate all parts as they all play a supporting role in a symbiotic universe. When we feel supported we breathe better and deeper allowing for inspiration to rise. 
A monoculture mind on the other hand fails to realize we are the whole and we are One. Monocultures also need constant feeding and pest control. Those are the degrees, the rewards, the exclusive nature of society, the recognition you receive when you are standing on a podium.