The mirror

The Mirror web petit 2.png

I’m looking at myself in the mirror feeling rather confronted by the ‘me’ staring back at me. Observing this strange creature, I’m feeling uneasy. She’s peering back at me, scrutinizing, searching for herself. Who are you, I ask? Here, it’s just you and me, you know.

I’m me, she says, and I would so love you to be SEEING…me. To reaaaally see me, to see me with your heart. I want you to see my beauty. I want you to see my spark and I want you to see my spirit and my love, and, I especially I want you to love you!

But How do I see beyond my aging face? Beyond the wrinkles and the weariness? The discouragements and the disappointments? How do I stop censoring myself and censoring life and people? How do I love the unlovable and above all how do I love myself despite everything?

You’re not static my dear. You’re BEING, not just an image frozen in time and space tricked by your mind made up of ideas. You’re not just all you know. Love lives in your eyes. I can see the love. I can see the loving intentions entrusting fear to the abyss of illusions because you cannot ever be anything other than love. What else could you possibly desire?

It’s true, I have seen beyond the ideas, the brokenhearted thoughts and I know I’m so much more. I love to love because it feels like home. I’m love. Indeed what else could I be? My pain is as real as it is an experience filtered through my ideas. I know I will always remain love and now I see the love and light I am illuminating my path. I know I am loved and I love myself as I imagine the angels above and God loves me because there’s nothing else but love.