Time for a 10 day fast

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Let’s face it, 2018 was the rollercoaster of a life time experience with as many ups as there were downs and thank goodness it’s over and done. For me it happened in grand style on New Year’s Eve when the remnants of lifetimes of grief, anger, frustrations and victimhood, splattered across the pavement. Time for a reset and fast and some serious New Year’s resolution. From now on, no more escapism. Right….

Starting the fast wasn’t much of a problem because I couldn’t have swallowed anything anyway, even if I wanted to. Wake-up calls always happen at the perfect moment to have maximum impact! I have been building up myself up to it for some time…spending loads of time with my mum who at 82 is a bit of a legend. She drinks, smokes and looks totally amazing. Staying straight with her is a bit of a challenge when it doesn’t take much to be swayed.  

I have always been a contradiction in terms. On the one hand a die-hard party girl, a lucky-go-happy type who loves to socialize preferably a glass of wine in one hand, a lover on the other I can drag unto the dance floor.  Dancing, second to lovemaking, is definitely my all-time favourite pastime. Nothing beats emptying my mind and let the body move to rhythms that ignite my kundalini! Ah the unmistakable surge of heat… At least I’m not thinking then; not about my situation and what I must do, should do or can’t do and I’m not thinking about food….

And so, coming back to the contradiction in terms and was referring to, I also have another side. One which is very serious, insatiably curious about all things spiritual and who wants to do something great with her life. One whose every action is motivated by a desire to experience detachment and selfless love, divinely inspired and with the purest of intentions. Yet, I’m all too aware that despite knowing I’m unconditionally loved, there’re still unconscious fears sabotaging my self-realization. My creativity and inspiration are at an all-time low and it’s time I face the fact it has everyting to do with my digestion. You see in Chinese medicine it is well known that every organ corresponds to the energy of a certain emotion and relies on our digestion for optimal energy. For example, the heart produces either joy and love or fear and the liver either kindness and creativity or anger and depression when toxic and depleted.

When I feel down, I spend a lot of time listening to spiritual teachers and channels on YouTube which is a bit like a double-edged sword because the downside to listening to amazing teachers like Wayne Dyer, Matt Kahn, Abraham, Joe Dispenza, Sadhguru is that I end up feeling like that could never be me. Maybe I should just content myself being onboard with the world’s greatests. Ah, the power of ‘comparing yourself to others’! Luckily I discovered Anita Moorjani who had a most powerful Near-Death Experience. The message she brought back from afterlife and the title of her book “Dying to be me” just hit the spot. All these years I have been wanting to be someone I’m not and the reason is suddenly clear. The quintessential Libra people-pleaser didn’t value herself enough.

So, coming back to my New-Year’s resolution, the first ever in my life, is to start 2019 being awesome ME and to value who I am, inspired from within and with tons of energy and love to give. This is all life asks of us. This is what you need to do as well.

To start off on the right foot, I decided to fast, 10 days, just to make sure I will have a better grip on myself and today is my 10th day! Alleluia! I’m feeling totally amazing. Yesterday I walked for 3hrs through the forest going uphill, downhill, then went shopping. My mind is clear, my speech is brighter and I’m not so much looking for my words anymore. According to Mellen Thomas, who also had a very powerful NDE, coming back with the ability to tap into universal intelligence, memory is not only dependent on the brain. In fact, it seems we all have the ability to tap into universal memory or intelligence. It’s called inspiration.

So here is a diary of the last 10 days.

Day 1 to 3:
Hot lemon juice, herb tea. As much as I need to feel a little full. I’m feeling awful. Can’t stand on my legs for too long and my head is spinning. Thank God for Netflix.
Day 4:
Hot lemon juice, Kefir, fresh mint tea (I managed to drag myself to the shop to buy some mint). Netflix (Orange is the new Black. Those chicks are so cool. Wish I could talk like that but with these scrambled eggs masquerading as my brain, fat chance) Am I comparing myself again?
Friend came by for a walk in the forest. (I read somewhere you need to exercise). Dunno who came up with that idea. I nearly had a heart attack.

Day 5: 
Morning: Hot lemon juice, kefir, fresh mint tea. Evening: organic vegetables bouillon. It’s soooo good! (Netflix: More Orange is the new Black)
I’m starting to feel human again, but still constipated despite the lemon juice and kefir. I did some online research. Discovered coffee enemas. Yes…. Apparently, they are especially good for the liver and whole body detox.
Following is a link if you want to know more about coffee enemas https://gerson.org/pdfs/How_Coffee_Enemas_Work.pdf
Day 6,7
Morning: Hot lemon juice, Kefir, fresh mint tea. Evening Vegetable bouillon
I have ordered an enema kit from Amazon. It will arrive in 2 days.

Little tip. Best to use binders like Zeolite in conjunction with the enema. You take it before and after the enemas.  Zeolite is a mineral that has a negative charge whereas heavy metals have a positive charge. Zeolite traps the heavy metals in its crystalline structure and the enemas ensure thorough elimination of this toxic waste. You need high grade Zeolite which you can buy on Ebay.  
Day 8
Morning: Hot lemon juice, Kefir, fresh mint tea, unsweetened almond milk spiced with turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, ginger (simply divine). Evening Vegetable bouillon
I’m feeling better by the minute. My energy is high, my brain feels bright and my inspiration is once again alive and kicking. I created three new Sparks on my phone in one day.
Day 9, 10
Menu Morning: Coffee enema, Hot lemon juice, Kefir, fresh mint tea, unsweetened almond milk spiced with turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, ginger (simply divine). Evening Vegetable bouillon but on last day time I’m eating the vegetables.
Holy shit, I have never felt so good. It just an amazing feeling to be clear and clean inside. No gas, no feeling bloated.
If you have a great inside body awareness, as I have, you can tell from your breath how clogged your digestive system is. When your body is clear, the breath has greater dept. I’m so happy with my new-found freedom kit.

So, there you go. Just 10 days ago I felt like a hopeless basket case. I was hoping the fast would clear my mind and kick start my inspiration which had sort of died down lately.  I couldn’t have hoped for a greater result. It’s everything I had hoped for and more. Now, with a tenfold determination to give birth to my dreams, I’m planning on staying the course. 2019 is going to be a great year. I can feel it!!!