Asian Nettles

Nettles grow everywhere and are a blessing of nature because not only are they free and delicious, they are also loaded with energy and medicinal properties.  They energize the kidneys which helps us with fear and associated lower back problems, as well as detoxify the body, improve metabolic efficiency and boost immunity.  

This recipe is simply delicious. 


  •  1 tsp of turmeric
  •  1 tbsp. tamari
  • Fresh piece ginger depending on taste
  • 2 cloves of fresh garlic
  • 1 tsp cumin.
  • Bunch of nettles enough to fill a medium size pot,
  • ghee

If you suffer from heat, reduce tamari to a teaspoon, leave out the garlic and use ground fennel seed instead of cloves


1.   Heat a little bit of ghee and fry cumin. Be careful not to burn it. When they start to pop…
2.  Add ginger and garlic and fry until it all smells wonderful
3.  Add nettles and turn over in the spices, then add a quarter of a cup of water, 2 tbsp of tamari, and cover. Simmer for about 10 mins. When it’s ready add a teaspoon of turmeric and cook for another minute. It’s important that you check regularly as all pots and fires and different.

Salt to taste